Crouch Reload Animation

I have the animation starter pack and I am using the UE4 character. Is there a place where I can find a crouch reload animation for the character? I found an animation on Mixamo but I do not have the fbx for the UE4 character. I need the animation built for the character or just the character fbx file. Thank you.

try a layered blend per bone to create a composite animation between your crouching animation for your lower body, and your reloading animation for the upper… where you want your reload animation to play, add a “layered blend per bone” node, input to this your crouching animation as the base pose, add the standing reload animation you already have, on the menu in the bar on the right side of the screen should be an option to set this composite to occur above say the “spine_01” bone… so everything from the waist down will be your crouch animation, and everything above the waist will be the top half of your reload animation

instead of looking for an entirely new animation for jumping while a rifle was equipped, i just used the default UE4 jump animation, plugged in my rifle hip animation, layered the two together and now i have a clean animation for jumping with a rifle equipped