Crouch problem

Hi! I wanted to make simple crouching system for my charcter.I tried many ways but always face 1 problem.My chacracter fall through the floor.
In my present system i use 2 capsule components and swap them while crouching.
Any ideas?

The character has a crouch function.
It modifies the capsule size, you don’t need two capsule for this.

I tried using crouch function.Same problem(

Hello ,

I have had some issues with crouching as well, and I don’t know if this solution will work in 4.7, since I only used 4.11 and 4.10.
but this is my solution:
I have my mesh inherit from my camare, then I created a event in the graph which sets the camare height

Note that you can use a flipflop where i use a branch.

Also you might want to change around with the Z-value. I have a system that let’s you control the crouch height, so that is the camara heigt variable, if you don’t want that, just make the Z-value lower that by the uncrouched nodes.
I think you don’t need to have two capsule components.

It worked!Also all my problems were from 1 system of nodes ,which i completely forgotten to delete!xD
Thanks everyone for helping!