Crouch Jump? (Help)

Ok so im making a First Person Game and I want there to be Crouch Jumping. (Jumping when Crouched) But when I set my Can crouch tick on inside the CharacterMovement panel and crouch in game I can’t jump. Is there a way to make it to where I can jump while crouched???

Hello @DanielG1939,

Thats sounds interesting because you can not do it in real-life with out extending upward into a stand. From my perspective jumping would completely negate the purpose of the crouching in the first place. But if your going to do it, you would jump first and crouch while in upward momentum (aka fold the legs in). Just sounds like you need to deactivate the crouch rapidly, then transition to a jump.

Good luck on this one.

But its a game not real life lol. It is kinda needed for some parts and just generally cause it makes jumping from platforms to platforms easier and generally other games let you jump when crouched so I wanted to add it to my game. But if you do know a way to enable jumping when crouched please let me know! Thanks!


In your Character Blueprint, there’s nothing to stop you from wiring a Crouch animation-sequence up to a Play Animation node, and connecting that to a Launch-Character node, to make your character jump when crouched (or jump in any other anim pose). It will override any limits to do with the default Crouch mode or CMC etc…

Thank you for telling me this I will try it out when I get back on my project and see if it works! Thank you for the info!

Sorry to message late but hey I’ve been trying to get this working for a while and I cant figure it out could you go into more detail? please

It literally is just a Play-Animation node wired up to a Launch-Character node. Basically its as crude as it gets, as there’s no proper blending… Why not share what you’ve done so far. Do you have crouch anims from the Marketplace / Epic / Mixamo to begin with… How are you activating crouch right now etc…

I just have a very basic model with a basic run idle crouch idle and crouch walk done in an Anim blueprint. It works cause I have input action key for crouch hooked up to the Crouch and unCrouch nodes. and the anim for crouching works when I press crouch I just can’t crouch. I did manage to hook up the input action key for jump up to a launch character node and it can allow my character to jump when crouch but if I press it the jump key multiple times It allows the player to fly. I have tried looking around for things to make it only allow the launch character node to be used when colliding with the ground but I never found anything. Is there a way to only allow the Launch Character Node to be used when touching the floor under the Player?

There’s lots of ways to approach this. You can place a Gate + Delay before the Input-Action to stop the Launch being activated again too soon. Or you can use one of many properties / functions to check if the character is landed / based on a floor or surface etc…Go into your Character blueprint and drag the Self and CMC (character movement component) into the graph, then drag out a wire from those and explore some of the options, such as: IsFalling / IsMovingOnGround / ComputeFloorDistance / IsinAir etc etc.

If the idea is to hike up the legs when you’re in the air, you can try adding to the crouch logic a bit and setting the half-height of the capsule to something smaller; then returning to the original halfheight when you release crouch.

Thank You! I managed to get it working after trying out a few ways! you are a life saver! (Or a game saver for that matter!)