Crouch does not replicate before character moves

Crouch does not appear to be replicating if you press crouch after play begins without first moving the character. Crouch also isn’t working properly if a client joins the game and the server character is already crouched. This causes the simulated proxy to have a full sized capsule component and appear to be sunk into the world. When the simulated proxy moves it bounce up and down as the server appears to be attempting to correct it’s location.

To Duplicate Issue:

  1. Start a new 4.9 (4.8 has the same
    issue) Third Person Blueprint.
  2. Set number of players to 3 for a
    multiplayer environment.
  3. Add three player starts into the
  4. Add a button to the
    ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint that
    activates Crouch.
  5. Set the characters capsule component
    hiddenInGame= false.
  6. Press play.
  7. Do not move the server character,
    simply press the crouch button on
    the server character and then move.

You will notice that the crouch did not replicate to the clients. The same thing happens on the opposite client if you don’t move them first and just press crouch. In fact the Event OnCrouchStart doesn’t fire for the clients, it only fires for the server or client that pressed it.

If you move the character and then press crouch, it works flawlessly. If you crouch, stop crouching and crouch again, then it replicates properly as well. I’ve been sifting through the source code for crouch and saved moves for hours on end and I can’t figure out what is causing this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciate.



Hi zuppers,

Thank you for the report. I believe this issue is directly related to another bug that we have logged as JIRA UE-5968. It is being investigated by the developers and we will post back here with questions or comments as we have them.



Thank you for the reply! The only bug I could find was located here: “” and that seems to be related to anim montage on and older engine version. Is there a different place I can look at this bug to see what issue the other people were reporting? Otherwise the only post I could find doesn’t appear to be related to my issue.

Yes, that was the original issue that was reported but while testing, the technician found that it was not just the anim montage but setting the capsule through the crouch function seemed to have issues as well. It was separated into 2 issues originally but our devs investigated and merged them into one JIRA report. When this JIRA is fixed, it will very likely fix your issue as well.