Crouch Backwards makes Lag!

I would like to report that something strange is happening with already implemented Crouch or “New Editor Window”
Hmm how to start: ok I have Simple Crouch setup you can see in pictures Every thing is Working great in "Selected Viewport " i can Crouch on all directions without problem.

But if i try to open game in “New Editor Window” Crouch starts to behave Weird or window … if you Press Crouch and Backwards you Get Huge Lag spikes… if you Crouch and tap button S what is backwards for me game in “New Editor Window” is lagging you can test that by moving mouse Fast and then Doing Crouch + Backwards Taping Combination
Its Doing that On or Off Network , but Just in New Editor Window…
Sometimes Editor Even Crashes …

hi will you take a look here ???

Hey Positivity,

When you’re crouching backwards and experiencing lag spikes, is this only occurring on your private project? Or is the same thing happening when you add the blueprint configuration to one of our default templates? I have not been able to reproduce this yet, so I’d love to know if you’ve been able to reproduce this in another template or not.

Also, could you please provide me with the crash you receive when the editor crashes due to the lag?


Hey ,

Unfortunately, the link you have posted isn’t relevant to this AnswerHub thread. Someone will assist you shortly regarding your specific question. If you have anything else to add to your AnswerHub post, please update and comment there.


Hey The thing is The lag only is when i run Game in “New Editor Window.” if i run my Project in any other solution the lag is not there.
Actually i never tried to make new Project template and see if the same lag will be in there .

I know one thing when i Tap Button Back and Crouch Lag is Happening because my Frames are Droping From 50 to 15.

I uploaded my last Crash log. i think that one is with crash From Back Movement and i Attached my DxDiag if that can help anyhow.
I tried to look in OutputLog wile playing in “New Editor Window” but it is not showing anything wrong.

[link text][1][link text][2] (57.4 KB)
[2]: 37060-dxdiagpositivity.txt (24.5 KB)

Hey again I tried to reproduce the Lag in New project and i managed to do so … I made new First person Blueprint project and just Added the Button Left Ctrl and Connected it to Crouch and Un Crouch then Run the game in New Editor Window and pressing Ctrl and Tap S key and try to move the mouse to feel the Lag … and it is there … If i run game in any other way the Lag is gone

Attaching image how i set up Crouch in First Person Character blueprint…

Hey Positivity,

Thank you for providing me your , screenshots and detailed information regarding the issue you’re seeing. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to reproduce this. I have sent this to be reviewed, along with my project I created to try and replicate this. I hope to hear back with more information soon.

Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, Positivity. I was also able to use CTRL+S in a play in new window session to see performance issues, so this has been logged as issue UE-14600.

It looks like a conflict with keybindings, so as a workaround, you could change the “save all levels” keyboard shortcut to something else, if you really want to test out backwards crouching in the Play in New window :slight_smile: Or you could temporarily bind something besides the CTRL key to crouch.

I’m also interested in your crash. Could you please post the callstack you get in the crash, and the crash log? The log would be found in a folder like MyProject\Saved\

If your game is a Blueprint only game, then I can also use the dmp file your provided if you can tell me what version of UE4 you are on.

hey John thnx for feedback.

I Added all my and Dumps in Attachment …

Yes my Project is all blueprints Only … and I was working all the time on Newest Version of engine starting with 4.6.1
I update my engine all the time there is Update … The Crouch Lag i noticed On 4.7.3

[link text][1] (4.41 MB)