Crouch animations

So I was wondering how to set up a crouch system for my character so he can have a crouch idle when not moving, but then when he starts moving, he starts walking in the crouched position. And how to get back to the normal upright position. Would i do it in the character blueprint or his animation blueprint? And i have all the animations ready to be used, i just need to apply them in a system that is smooth.

You do it the same as with the walk/idle.

  1. create a new state in the anim graph and add your crouching blendspace (just copy the walk/idle blendspace + change the animations)
  2. now connect the variables to the blendspace (speed)
  3. enable “can crouch” in the character bp
  4. in the anim blueprint event graph you have to cast to your character bp + get the crouch variable
  5. create a new bool variable in your anim bp and connect the set from it with the upper mentioned get variable
  6. in the anim graph in the transitions you will have to add the new variable -> from the idle to the crouch you have to just add the bool and from crouch to idle you have to add a “not” + the variable :slight_smile:

So all that works!
Thanks for the help!