Crouch animation, please?

Hi there. I just used a third person controller for my proyect and moved the camera and such so inow i have a first person controller… but i can see my body.

The thing is, the unreal first person controller does not have a crouch animation…has it? i cant find it…

Is there any free crouch animation for the unreal skely please¿?

SOmeone gave me an animation. Does anyone know of a tutorial which explains how to add crouch anim to the existing ones, please? I would like to learn :smiley:

You can get crouch anims for rifle in the anim starter pack here: … there’s even a blendspace setup so you should get a clue. To drives those anims I think the best method is simply using the builtin “Crouch” and “Uncrouch” from the Character BP (because it already takes care and block uncrouch if something solid is above your head until you have enough space to really stand up). There are various ways to get it into the anim BP. Create some interface, or cast the character BP from the anim BP or use the other way around using the anim instance of your skeletal mesh in the character BP and set the variable in the anim BP that way. Afterwards pull a further state in the state machine that runs your crouching blendspace if some “IsCrouching?” is set.

Edit: Probably take a look at this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Tutorials - YouTube …it does not cover “Crouching” as far I know but it should be easy for you to do it yourself afterwards.

just Wow thats is going to be very helpful… im studing it right now.
Ill tell you if i have troubles with it.