Crosshair not Centered/Middle of screen

Hi guys, this is more of a [How to fix] than anything. In essence, the FPS template’s crosshair is not in the middle perfectly, it is off by a small amount FPS players everywhere flip their tables!. This is how to fix the issue!

So here is a before and after, the opacity crosshair is before the fix:


So to do this, open up your FirstPersonHUD blueprint and add in a float - float function:


The number 8 is half the size used by Screen W and Screen H which are the dimensions of the cross hair texture. So if you want a bigger texture you need to change those values to match and then use half that number in place of 8.

For Epic: Maybe instead of the way it is, the BP scans the texture used first then offsets it automatically based on texture size and then the Screen W and H can be updated from that information on load.

Hope this helps someone!

many thanks for the headsup. hope this can be fixed in the next release.

Thank you so much!

Thank you! this has been very helpful!

This is still an issue on 4.18.1

Thank you! This was driving me crazy in 4.17.3.

This solution also works for C++ based projects - locate your project HUD.cpp file and edit the CrosshairDrawPosition function as follows: