Crosshair in the end of raycast.

Hi everyone, how i can make a dot (simple widget with a withe dot) in the HUD, but in the end of raycast please?
How i can determine the position of end of raycast (hitposition) but set the widget exacly in it’s position?
Thank you in advance!!!

The node is called Project World to Screen. You feed it Player Controller (even though it reads Player) and world position. It returns screen position.

Do you also have problems with the raycast itself?

Thank you everynone! With raycast i have no problem, but with widget position yes. Now i try your solution!

whatever is casting the ray you could also set the final position of the ray cast to be where your crosshair is pointing, so your fixed crosshair would be the end position of the cast… this is popular for shooters where the gun is never aligned with the center of the screen