Crosshair in front of gun

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to make a TPS!
I want that the crosshair for the weapons will be in front of them, not at the center of the screen.

So I’m tracing out from a gun’s socket, and I’m using the point of impact as the point where the crosshair widget should be.
Anyaway my crosshair is not where he should be. The position change according to the dimension of the viewport.
If somebody can help will be great, thank you!
Here are some screenshots:


I think you can do this like this: Go to your TP blueprint in the viewport add a component (i think its in the user created) and add your UI_Widget to your character position it where you want. I’ve never tried it for a crosshair but I did use this method to display name and health for my enemies.

And also in your Widget where you have your canvas(don’t know if this is going to change anything but) in the top right change Fill screen to desired Size.

Well, You know, I like to complicate my life…

Your solution worked very well, thanks a lot! :smiley:

Glad I could help.

How did you manage to do this?