crosshair for third person

Hello guys,
I`m trying to make crosshair for the TPS, now the crosshair drawn simply at the center of the screen, but how to draw it as in the third person game?

Hey, you can draw it same way, but you need to move your Camera a bit.

If you google some ThirdPerson Shooter, you will see that the Character is always moved
a bit to the left or right and the camera is looking over his shoulder:

Example The Division by Ubisoft:

Yes, I understand this.
But (as you can understand)) ) Im new to UE, can you help me with this. Even in normal condition (when player dont move) the crosshair must be in front of him. Can you help to implement this.

You would need to move the Camera Component in the Component Tab of your Character a bit up and to the right.

There shouldn’t be much more to do.