Crosshair Alignment problem

Hi guys, just FYI that your First Person Blueprint Template has the crosshair incorrectly aligned.

The HUD is correctly picking up the center of the screen, but is aligning the texture to the corner of the image and doesn’t compensate for half its size.

The crosshair is 16 pixels so I subtracted 8 from both the X and the Y and it’s dead center now and aligns perfectly with my iron sights.

I don’t know if you want to update that or not but it cost me about an hour of futile attempts to align my weapon to the crosshair image.

Just wanna say its 2k17 and this problem still exists… if anyone else is coming across this its deffo the crosshair not the character… i’ve been convinced for over aweek now it was the character some how and not the crosshair glad I found this and gave subtracting 8 a chance becus now its perfectly center… which i can’t stress the importance of when you’re making a fps! haha.

Thanks for the post bro!