Crossfade sounds with a Sound Mix?

I have some sounds all Sound Class A I have other sounds set to Sound Class B.
If I hit trigger volume A I want to fade out B sounds and fade in the A sounds.
And vice versa for trigger volume B.
I have Sound Mix A and Sound Mix B.
But how do I set up the Sound Mixes and Push / Pops.
Here’s what I have: (The Sound Mix B is the opposite to A)

I dont know how to do it with pushes and pops but I think you can do it via a master mix and just make sure the soundclasses have their fade times set. The master mix will have volume settings for each sound class. You can have one master where soundclass A is full volume and B is zero and one for the opposite.
I might be giving wrong names for things. Its been a while.

There is a blueprint node fornsetting which mix to use and when you set it then the fade times you chose will be used.

Mayne it works similarly for then push and pop way but I dont know. I am using stuff from 4.19 before the new audio engine

thank…in the end I made a custom sound manager, which is simpler to use

That’s the beauty of Unreal. If it doesn’t do what you want, you can make your own piece that does.