Crossbow always a Bow?

hey guys, really need help with a problem
i made a mod for myself - another tier of tools, weapons and some armor with a bit better stats and higher cost, and everything works as intended, except for crossbow - no matter what i do - it always shows up as a bow
engram, all icons, everything is a crossbow, but in player hands it’s actually a bow (model, animation, stats and so on)
i tried making my crossbow as a child and as a copy of vanilla crossbow, adding just “EngramEntry_Crossbow” and “PrimalItem_WeaponCrossbow” (renamed for my mod of course), and tried to add “WeapCrossbow” too - it always same problem
i think i tried everything and just have no idea what i doing wrong

You have to copy the WeapCrossbow, EngramEntry_Crossbow and PrimalItem_WeaponCrossbow.
In addition to that you will have to modify the arrows - each arrow has a weapon ammo template, you will need to create one for each arrow type your crossbow will support (usually WeapCrossbow and WeapCrossbow_Tranq).
To do that you will have to copy the Arrow PrimalItems and use the PrimalGameData remap feature to replace the old ones with yours (that contain the weapontemplate entries).
There is a tutorial by TheWookie on how to add custom arrow types - it covers about all you need to know to apply it to a new crossbow!

If you end up with more questions please visit the modding Discord, we’ll gladly help you out there!

tried it (it’s how i done it at the beginning), same thing, adding custom ammo change nothing
and again, everything else works fine - other weapons (melee, ballistic range, instahit firearms), tools, armor, compound bow for example (kinda similar range weapon), except for this damned crossbow

My guess is you do not have the proper item referenced in the “Weapon Template” of the “PrimalItem_Weapon” bp for the modified weapon -

When you use the item, it will give you whatever is selected for the template

That or you have the “Support Drag Onto item Classes” and “Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon Item Weapon Templates” references screwy on the ammo. They go in order so if you had element 0 on “Support Drag Onto item Classes” set to the crossbow but element 0 on “Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon Item Weapon Templates” references the normal bow, whenever you put that ammo on a crossbow, it will become a bow.

hm, “Weapon Template” is ok, but “Support Drag Onto item Classes” and “Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon Item Weapon Templates”… it’s supposed to be set in “PrimalItem_Weapon” bp of the modified weapon, right?
cuz i just checked - it’s completely empty, and not just for my crossbow, but for every of my modded weapon and for every original weapons which i didn’t touch at all, i guess it’s source of a problem, but than question is - how everything else was working at all O_o

That’s on the ammo itself