Cross Section Shader help please

Hi I am new to UE4 and have no programing experience, my background is mainly painting but also some 3d modeling and animating.

I have been trying to experiment with the following mechanic:
I want to have a volume where everything inside the volume is visible but once a object exits the boundary of the volume it disappears not entirely but just the section that is protruding.

I whipped up a quick example in Cinema 4d to better demonstrate

I managed to partially duplicate what this guy did creating a cross section shader and works great but only at the world position and without the back face geometry getting filled in and changing color

Here is what i used :

If anyone has some suggestions on how to possible achieve this i am all ears i am going to keep stabbing away at it but i think I might be at the end of the line for ideas, also how come the material node no longer has the custom lighting part shown in UE3?


I was going to recommend a UDK thread about the cross section part, but you’ve already found it.
If I remember correctly, there is a paper by Valve on how they did the gore for L4D2 using spheres that had a similar effect.
Perhaps that would be of some help.

Rendering backfaces is easy, in the material you’re using toggle “Two Sided”

Ok thanks guys ill try your suggestions.