Cross platform networking?

Hey all, couldn’t find a networking sub forum so posting this here. It may be a simple question, or maybe not.

What I am wondering is it possible, without major changes to the engine, to do cross platform networking? Specifically I want a setup where the server is running on a Windows PC and the game client is ran and played on a mobile device, iOS or Android.

Is this doable out of the box?


Should be. Networking is platform agnostic, generally cross platform stuff in bigger games isn’t done because of platform holder legal or gameplay reasons - not technical.

It works perfectly :slight_smile: We cross-network PC and Android platforms without any engine changes, just write the code as you usually would.

Our setup has one server PC, two client PCs and 30 android clients too.

I got this to work with OpenLevel on server and ClientTravel on client with my PC anf Android. I couldn’t do it with the Create/Join session BP nodes.