Cross Platform Encryption/Decryption

Hey Guys,

We need to apply cross platform encryption/decryption. Backend Dev is using Node JS and on front end its Unreal Engine (C++). Now if it was only in Unreal Engine it wouldn’t be any problem. Now backend suggested three solutions and tell me to apply any one I can in Unreal Engine. I need HELP !! Following are the three suggested solutions:

  1. AES-256 CBC Encryption (UINT and base64 converted). The FAES encryption is AES in base 64 but we are getting different results. I found one AES 256 CBC implemented plugin (Crypt++ from marketplace) but it takes only 16-byte data and doesnot convert t in base64/hexa decimal for final result I guess. So not getting same result.

  2. Adding Timestamp to key and then use Hashing on result. Now timestamp is difference of time/date from Jan 1st 1970 to UTC.NOW(). Subtracting the 01/01/1970 (using Make Time/date) and UTC.NOW () and get total seconds in Unreal Engine blueprint I get different result than in NodeJS/Online.

  3. JWT Authorization. I cannot find a C++ independent library in VS to use it in unreal engine. I cannot use CMAKE as it also requires OPENSSL installed binaries. I did install them but still was unable to generate VS files.

I am currently trying to implement it in windows but ultimately would be doing in MAC as it’s for AR Application (iOS).

If anyone can help me with any of these solutions or suggest a new one I’ll be grateful.