Cross hairs in 3rd person?

Hi. I would like to get the cross hairs to work in 3rd person as they do in 1st person. Can anyone direct me on how I may go about this? Or maybe just have the mouse cursor enabled in 3rd person at all times… After HOURS of searching the internet, I have found no solution, though it appears many others are also wanting such an implementation in 3rd person. The only stuff I see is for 1st person because of the way the template is set up.

I need it so the player can hover the mouse cursor over an item on the floor or wherever and be given the option to pick it up, but there IS no cursor.

Any help, please?

Hasn’t this been answered in another thread of yours already? Get your controller to show the cursor. It’s one node.

Crosshair is different, the first person template draws it in HUD if I remember correctly.

Yeah, that doesn’t work. It shows the mouse, but you lose your rotation of the camera unless you hold down one of the mouse button, and then it only works until the cursor reaches the edge of the screen, at which time you have to release the mouse button, recenter the cursor, and do it all over again. I have seen lots and lots of people on various sights offer that as a solution, but like myself, everyone says the same thing: you lose camera rotation. But I do appreciate all the help you have given me. Imma keep fooling with it, and if I come up with a viable fix, I’ll post it.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too! :slight_smile:

If you decide to show the cursor, the player controls the cursor directly. Where is the player supposed to turn now? Towards the cursor? Cursor operates within screen space so you will run out of that space quite quickly. Unless you decide to interpolate player’s looking direction towards cursor position which will give you a somewhat continued rotation until the desired directional vector is reached - definitely doable but are you sure you want that?

The only other alternative I can think of is locking the cursor to the centre of the screen, also doable but that will looks and acts ugly; also why not use a cross-hair here straight away.

In your opening statement, you say you want something like in the first person template - so why not just use that? Don’t want to use the HUD class (because you need something fancier) use a widget anchored to the screen centre.

it seems somewhat harder for a pickup crosshair in 3rd person just because of the view. maybe you can just move the camera in a bit and up over the shoulder.

Precisely. Picking something off the ground at your feet is awkward already. Picking something from the top shelf above you is pretty damn impossible as you ram the camera into the ground :slight_smile:

Yeah, I given up on that. They did it in Skyrim, though! lol. There is no mouse cursor, but there are crosshairs in 3rd person mode. Anyway, I think I will have to settle for something that actually will work.
Thanks for the help.

I do not understand what you beef is with drawing the cross-hair:


That’s all you need. You can offset it to place it wherever you need on the screen, this puts it smack bang in the centre with no offsets. Use Draw Texture (not the simple one) to have more control over the size, UVs and colour. It couldn’t be simpler.

At least consider implementing it and see how it feels and behaves. If it feels awkward, come up with something else.

  • trace from the character and make the shelf above you translucent to see objects resting on it
  • draw outlines in post process to highlight them - activated *onKeyPressed *when the player is ready to collect
  • show the cursor and let the player click-collect items while the character is turning towards it - as if looking in the item’s direction
  • have *CollectMe *widgets pop up and let the player click them rather than the mesh itself - this will make it easy to fetch stuff from all the nooks and crannies since you do not need to worry about tracing visibility or setting up custom channels for items
  • speaking of which - tracing/object channels is another great way of sorting through potential on-screen clutter. It lets you isolate and work only with objects you’re interested in.

Hard to advise precisely without knowing how you envisioned the interaction. All of the above should work for certain styles of gameplay.

Good luck!

I just don’t like the seemingly VERY popular approach using component begin overlap. It seems as though that would not work well if the player drops a ton of stuff from his inventory in one place. what if he wanted to pick something back up? There would be lots of collisions taking place at the same time and instead of picking up the item the character seems to be looking at, it would likely just pick up the one closest.

I made an illustration of kinda what I want. I made such an animal using GameMaker 8, but I $h!+canned those projects because GameMaker’s 3d support is very poor.
I know, my artwork is not great, but you’ll get the idea. The blue thing is the camera, the question marks are mesh items or objects with which the character may interact (an item to pick up, a door to open, a switch to active, etc.), the gray dot is an imaginary point that stays fixed above the character’s right shoulder. The red line is a vector shot from the camera and in the direction of the imaginary point (gray dot) and the vector extends a certain distance that roughly represents what may be reachable by the character. Only those meshes that are (figure A) the first to be hit by the vector and (figure B) actually in the line of the vector, register as selected. The mesh will get highlighted as long as the vector is touching any part of it. That imaginary point (gray dot) is represented as a crosshair on the screen so the player knows what is being “aimed at”. Like pointing a lazer.
It worked beautifully, and I am sure it can be replicated in UE. I just need to figure out how.

I know what you mean about the mouse not being usable to rotate the camera AND be free at the same time. That makes sense. I should have thought that through a little. But a crosshair the camera can aim through I think is doable. The player/character would have to rotate with the camera, though. So you would most always be looking at the character’s back, which is fine with me.


There’s no need to, line trace along the camera vector, get hit, get your actor. Like this, pickup distance limited to 1000:

You can trace on mouse click.

Place the cam over the shoulder. The pepper is my crosshair, debug sphere only shows up if I interact with object types listed in the Make Array node and if they’re in 1000 range:


:)Hello, I’m new to unrealengine 4. Help me, how to fix the error: LogD3D11RHI: Error: agsDriverExtensionsDX11_SetDepthBounds (1.0.000000, 1.000000) returned error code 2. ********** PLEASE UPDATE YOUR VIDEO DRIVERS ***

In Skyrim when i had to pick small things in small places i would usually move into first person for that. If your character could move from 3rd to first with maybe a mouse wheel scroll it would be nice.

Why is this here? Consider updating your video drivers like the helpful message suggests.

And here’s an example of tracing by custom channel, only green pickups are allowed:

So the idea is to make certain object types respond to certain traces. So you can pick up stuff that’s under water, for example. Or stuff that’s wedged in hard to reach placed.

Ok. Yes, that would be what I am looking for, and I thought I had found it. Problem is, without that ray trace being made visible, the player really has no idea what the ray trace is pointed at, hence the need for some sort of cross hair or something. I feel like we’re going in circles here.
Nice example. Is there a step by step or a tutorial for this?
I’m interested.
Also, I have no clue how to upgrade my video drivers. I tried that before and got viruses.

Ok. Just waking up here. Just noticed the BP image you posted. Lemme try it out. Thanks.

See. I need to read all new posts BEFORE I reply. That video driver thing wasn’t even directed at me. Now I feel dumb. lmao

Both of my examples have a cross-hair. See video for the actual feel of how it works.