Cross-hair problems

I am using the first person blueprint template to make my game and I want to make a ray-cast weapon in addition to the standard weapon. I have managed to implement switching weapons, but the line trace did not line up with the cross-hairs. This solution works but it makes the projectile weapon inaccurate. I need to move the cross-hairs when I switch weapons but I can’t figure out how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: to anyone who finds this and is having the same problem in the future, you should know that the firstpersonHUD uses eventReceiveDrawHUD which can only be used in a class that has HUD as a parent. Also know that eventReceiveDrawHUD updates every frame like eventTick does.

The way described in that post would work, but you could also just delete everything in that blueprint, then make a custom widget blueprint and put the crosshairs in there. Creating Widgets | Unreal Engine Documentation
You can use a widget switcher to switch which crosshair is displayed for which gun.