Cross Flares

i would also recommend to integrate Cross Flares because… seriously this is a shame that it hasnt been integrated since over a year…

Cross Flares would be awesome, they add more realism than lensflares imo
But maybe Crossflares can be itegrated using Lensflares already?

Neither of them add reality. Quite the opposite.
As flares only occur in cameera systems but not in himan vision, I find myself quite often pulled out of the imemrsion when all these “cool” flares show up everywhere.
What the Comic Sans is for fonts, flares is for effects :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you ever look at a light at night?
Crossflares do exist for Human eyes, or maybe I am a robot :smiley:

“Cross Flares would be awesome, they add more realism than lensflares imo
But maybe Crossflares can be itegrated using Lensflares already?”

i think no because when you change the brokeh texture then the lensflares are also crossed so it would look really stupid, but thats why its named lens and crossflares, crossflares stick only on the light source and lensflares are flares that comes from the light but arent on the light, they are beetween the lightsource and your eyes

lensflares do exist for humans :smiley: look at the sun or at the moon and cross flares you see everywhere in your room, just look in the dark at a lightbulb and you see that it doesnt only glow, no it has a star like flare on it like here: its called “Starburst Effect”

and this is the simplest form of a starburst effect which everybody should know too good:

Well, that is bloom and not the same as flares. The apperture in the human eyes works a bit different than a camera.
What you are talking about with the lightbulb, its a halo, not a flare.
Halos are a quite different phneomenon as they are created by the inability of the human eye to adapt to steep contrast/lighting contrasts.
A flare on the other hand is caused by the diffraction at the apperture edges. That is why photgraphic flares are usually hexagonal in shape, because the camera uses a hexagonal apperture… And thats what destroys the immersion for me. In real life, I expierience bloom and halo, but never hexagonal flares like a camera…
All the pictures in your post are taken by a camers (obviously). And correctly, a camera expieriences flares.
As the article states “Starburst effects can add an interesting element to a photograph”
But I like a computer game to put “me” in it. Not seeing as if a camera recorded it…
Oh, and the things you see after yout 10th beer arent falres either :wink:

@KVogler the starburst effect do exist, thats fact, lensflares also exist but not that way like with cameras, thats right but it is present “Such internal scattering is also present in the human eye, and manifests in an unwanted veiling glare most obvious when viewing very bright lights or highly reflective surfaces. In some situations, eyelashes can also create flare-like irregularities, although these are technically diffraction artifacts.” - Wikipedia . but the topic wasnt about lensflares so i would ask, could i make with the PP bloom effect this starburst effect in combination with a halo?