Cross Country Run

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That’s a really good landscape!

How about you make it into a game where the landscape is the main aspect of the gameplay and you have to traverse different kinds of terrain, that go from what you showed to things like canyons and alien mountains, each with their own enemies and features.

Thanks. Yea, that was (kinda) the original plan, then I got distracted with other things.
(I started this pet project around three years ago, but only work on it now and then.)

The project was meant to be a realistic open-terrain concept that also has changing weather types (rain, snow, fog, sandstorms, etc) and dynamic biomes. The terrain has always been the main challenge because I wanted the landscape to look as real as possible.

I was never happy with previous iterations until I reworked the landscape material to use Quixel 4K textures, which made a huge difference to the look.