Cross compilng on Linux for Windows?

Well, Can I cross compile games for windows on Linux? If not, can I move the project to a windows computer when I am done?

I’m not sure about cross-compiling but I’ve setup a Git repository for my project and cloned it on both OS X and Windows 8.1 and compiled, built, ran on both natively. I’m assuming it’d work fine for Linux. I do know if you want to compile for iOS, you need OS X.

Well that’s an option. But can I just take the project files and Put them in windows than Pakage my game? And I don’t plan On iOS anytime soon. Can’t afford a mac. :frowning: But thanks for answering! I just started using UE4.

If by “project files” you mean the files before compilation, yes: that is what I assume would just work (because it does for me for Windows/OS X). If you’re unfamiliar with Git/SVN/Perforce/source control systems, I suggest you look into that too: - YouTube

Thanks! that is all I needed to know!