Cross Compiling to Linux for Raspberry Pi 2

Hi folks.

I need some help getting my game to run on a Raspberry Pi 2.
It is not a complex or demanding game, has only a handful of meshes, no lighting, just unlit emissive materials.
I want to run it on the pi because I have built arcade hardware specific to the game that was previously running from a pc.
Now I want it to be self contained.

I am running UE4 4.8 in windows.
As per info found here:

I have downloaded and installed the ARM toolchain.
I have created the LINUX_ROOT in the environment variables.
I restarted the engine (V4.8)
I selected package > Linux.
I regained conciousness.
I transfered the output folder to the RasPi via USB
I chmod +x the file in LinuxNoEditor\RedBat_v_Bluebat\Binaries\Linux via the terminal

When I click the file in Raspbian it asks if I want to execut or run in terminal but choosing either results in absolutely nothing happening.
Much sadness.

If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong I would be extremely happy.
I dont mind someone pointing out a rookie error if it will result in getting the game to run.

I am open to alternatives such as running ubuntu / wine on the pi or running android on the pi if either is viable.
Please post steps / links to tuts if you have any information.


I don’t think it’s going to be able to run, Raspberry Pi just isn’t very powerful.

I do remember them talking about it before…