Cross-Compiling in Non-Git Version

Reading through documentation A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums and Cross-Compiling for Linux | Unreal Engine Documentation , I am not sure about the procedure in 4.16.

According to the first doc, using v9 clang-4.0.0-based I dont need to run any Setup or GenerateProjectFiles, therefore it should work with engine from launcher (it also has target platform - Linux in launcher options).

After few days of experimenting, I still cant find a way to show “Linux” in VS platforms.

Steps I did,

  • Downloaded and extracted v9 clang to “X:\Linux_CrossCompileToolChain\v9_clang-4.0.0-centos7”

  • Added system variable LINUX_MULTIARCH_ROOT to point to that location

  • echo %LINUX_MULTIARCH_ROOT% → X:\Linux_CrossCompileToolChain\v9_clang-4.0.0-centos7

  • Rebooted pc just in case

  • opened sln for project I want to export to Linux

  • f5 to launch and even rebuild the engine, though no Linux target platform appears

I apologise if I am missing something trivial, but it is driving me mad.
Can anyone help or give me more pointers?