Cross compiling for linux server: Unable to load SocketSubsystem module

Hello all,

I’m trying to cross compiling the UE linux server from my window10 using the provided toolchain. The server compiled successfully, however when I start my linux server I got this error:

LogModuleManager: Warning: ModuleManager: Module ‘SocketsWINDOWS’ not found - its StaticallyLinkedModuleInitializers function is null.
LogSockets: Warning: Unable to load SocketSubsystem module UNIX

Shouldn’t this module be include with the tool chain? Already open a thread on AnswerHub but doesn’t seem to get any answer. Can anyone point out how to fix this issue?


Hello? Anyone using Linux Server at all?

Could it be that the first log line is the log for the cause of the second log line?

In which case your “SocketSubsystem module UNIX” is trying to load ‘SocketsWINDOWS’ which would, expectedly, not be included in a LinuxServer build.

Yes, but with cross compiling tool chain, shouldn’t all modules be automatically switch to Linux? Why is it trying to load my window socket?
I’m using provided socket interface, so this should be internal error? Or did I do something wrong…

Super confused here.

Hello? Any other suggestion? ><

Are you specifically trying to use sockets or the socket subsystem? If not, then it means that your source install of UE4 has an issue somewhere. Otherwise, I’d look into the way you included/required/implemented the socket subsystem in question.