Cross-Compiled Build Doesn't Run

Hi, all.

For some reason my cross-complied build doesn’t run. The packaging completes with no errors; when I try to launch the build on Linux, nothing happens. If I launch it from the terminal, it says “Disabling core dumps. Exiting abnormally (error code 1)”.

Now the thing is, I cross-compiled this project five months ago and it worked. Obviously, I’ve added lots of assets to it, but as for the project settings, they seem to be the same, and they use the same plugins. If I cross compile a blank template project, it works too.

So the question is: it is possible that some assets can prevent the project from launching? What’s Error code 1? What else may be causing this issue?

Thank you!

Do you have any log files? Package in Development configuration and run again to get more log info.

You’re a genius. IDK why I didn’t think about logs.

Turns out the Modeling Tools Editor Mode plugin was the culprit. It comes by default with the editor, so I didn’t even think about it. But it’s still in Beta, and apparently there’s something there that Linux doesn’t like.

Thank you! If you could convert your comment into an answer, I’d mark the question as resolved.

The Modeling Tools Editor Mode plugin conflicts with Linux for some reason. It was the reason the build couldn’t be launched.