Cross compile/Multi platform export service

So, I’ve learnt exporting to multiple platforms can be a tedious chore. Especially when you’re cross compiling a C++ project.

Worsened when you are using projects created in different versions.

Releasing a game should be an exciting time for any developer, but it can be a real headache. Not to mention, very time consuming!

Wouldn’t it be nice to just shove your UE4 project in somebody else’s hands and have them do all the boring exporting/packaging for you? Free up your time and computer to make a start on your next project, knowing your game is in good hands and will be ready to publish to multiple platforms. Knowing you will receive back a nice, neat bundle of arranged folders containing your game ready to distribute.

Wouldn’t it be good knowing they will do a basic test of your game on each published platform too?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they did a quick spot check for you in regards to copyright notices and any of that boring stuff you might have missed?

Does such a service exist? If not, would anybody be interested in such a service? I know I would!