Cross-building in unreal engine 4

Hello I have a question about the cross-building in unreal engine 4
I am working on Linux and I want to move my game to the windows software. And I really don’t know how to do this at this point. I would be very thankful for the feedback.

Hi Poprostu Fixu
In the support documents, there is listed a file about cross-build in the other way, from windows to linux, but fortunately, this is not a solution for your problem sadge.

The only solution for Linux devs is to have Windows build machine, it can be a VM(I do it that way) and build on that. In theory it might be doable through Wine but I am not sure the build could be trusted and you should ALWAYS test the build on the target platform, so having a Windows OS that is capable of running your game in some capacity is a must.

Oh ok thank you for answering to my question.