Crop a model with clean edges?

Is it possible to crop a model (e.g. with the box and filter) and get clean/closed edges of the model?
If i use the box and filter i get weird triangles left.


   No I’m afraid it is not possible, but we do have similar feature requests. Please can you give me more details about what you are trying to achieve? Do you just need the clean sliced model?, or are you  trying to divide a model into clean parts? if so roughly how many and how big is the model? This way I can add you to the appropriate feature request and up it’s priority, and potentially offer a workaround depending on what you need.

I just want to have a clean sliced model. This is for an architecture photogrammetry.

Is there also a way to fill the bottom that the building isn´t hollow?


  The only way is to set a reconstruction region on the section you want and to run meshing, and texturing again. You should be able to fill the bottom using Close Holes (do this before texturing)

If you have access to 3DS Max or similar there are tools in there for that.