Croos Blueprint Trouble


I am a game developing student and i am working on a 3d game for a project. We have now started learning unreal and i am really enjoying it, but i am having some problems figuring stuff out.
I am working on a game in which i have enemies that need to spawn in random spawnpoints, and i cant quite figure out yet on how to do it.

I have an actor with all the spawn points and on the its blueprint i have created an array list and a randomizer.
On my enemies, i have them being teleported when they spawn.
What would be the best way to link a random position from the array list in the spawns blueprint to the teleport location from the enemy blueprint?

Thanks for the attention!

This might be helpful, he makes a box volume, that spawns enemies at random locations within that box volume, can be any size you want…

v=8kSWLUf3jFM&t Maybe this might help?

lol that’s exactly what I linked him