CRM Database using BP?

I have a client that’s requested a custom CRM Database be built for his company. Initially informed him was not my specialty but thinking about it, could it actually be possible? Where would one even start?

Yes - it is possible - and no - neither blueprints nor UE4 in general wouldn’t be “my” tool of choice for that. It depends a bit on what you wanna do. To just store a name and phone number you’d be fine hurling them in a text file like one per line and reading them like this.

But honestly - all “real” CRM solutions use a database like mySQL (postgresql, oracle, mssql, younameit) as a backend as that will deliver performant operations like complex searches, inserts, etc. There ARE actually database plugins for UE4 and while some people will tell you how much UE4 is so much more than just a game engine (NASA and automotive companies do wonderful trickery with it) it sure has a different focus. AGain - yes it would be possible - and again: No it wouldn’t be reasonable. If you wanna do a solid fast lightweight platform independant CRM then do it with PHP/Mysql. Keep the design simple and you can use that from virtually every platform offering a webbroser. For the laughs add a webbrowser widget in UE4 and point it to that frontend so you can brag by using a CRM system from your HTC Vive but save yourself some headache and do the actual CRM system in Java, .net or PHP.