Critics please!

Hi! i’m currently working with a project of mine and i want some honest oppinions on overall mood and textures.

The picture looks horrible now that i resized it :confused:

I want to know if the textures looks good and fits the mood of the game.
1920x1080p version of the picture

Texture with normal map.(i want to point out that i’m new to texturing and normalmapping).

What kind of mood do you want to have/what kind of game are you developing? :slight_smile:
Currently it looks pretty spooky

It is pretty spooky ^^

The game is a first person multiplayer horror game. Does the textures fit in or do they look strange?

Yes spooky.
A normalmap would be nice.
When you make long corridors with that pattern, it could get quick boring.
Some seamless textures at the ground with overlapping features would be nice too(ends/starts).
Put some pictureframes with fancy stuff at the wall and some old carpet on the floor, to break the uniform look.

  • when you have some scary sounds in your game, you could change/move the texture a little bit so that there is a little bit of variation in your scene :slight_smile:

I seeee potential!! Keep going!!! :smiley: