Critical Error is Crashing Editor

I’m unsure where to post this exactly, but this seemed like the best section of the forums since this is a code project.

I’m currently trying to migrate a windows project over to Mac and get it up and running. I can get the project built from XCode, and can get the project loaded if I disable startup maps.

When it actually loads up, attempting to open any map or blueprint results in the following error:

[2019.03.29-13.42.39:998][170]LogMac: Assertion failed: Assertion failed: NewOperatorInputA [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4+Release-4.16+Compile/Sync/Engine/Source/Editor/BlueprintGraph/Private/K2Node_CommutativeAssociativeBinaryOperator.cpp] [Line: 287]

I’m running on 4.16.3, but after upgrading to 4.21, the issue still persists. It seems creating a new project and migrating assets over works, but obviously that is a less than ideal situation since it’d mean resetting up quite a lot of essentially code and other project files.

Another note is I am using the VictoryPlugin. I am a bit unsure if it is causing the issue or not, and I also do not know - do .uplugins need to be recompiled manually for Mac?

If anyone has any solutions or ideas to try, they would be much appreciated!

I have solved this issue.

The culprit was the following, in case someone else runs into a similar issue:

When copying the project files from Windows to Mac, in turned out that the VictoryPlugin library did not have “Mac” whitelisted in the .uplugin file. Thus, while XCode would include the source code files into the XCode workspace, and the plugin could be viewed in the Plugin viewer in the Editor, the plugin was not actually being compiled with the game or for Mac. Adding “Mac” into the whitelist of the .uplugin fixed all of that, and the game now boots up and blueprints and maps can be properly loaded.

As another note, I was able to determine VictoryPlugin was definietly the issue by packaging the game, which gave slightly more detailed reports as to where the error in the post above was occuring.