Crematory in Berlin

Hey everyone,

This is my private project - Crematory in Berlin. It was my first learning project. Most of the assets were modeled in cinema4d and then exported to unreal. Animation was created in Matinee. Tell me what you guys think and epic thanks!:wink:

You can find more of my projects here →

Looks really good! :smiley:

Very nice work :smiley:

Reading it’s your first project, it is very impressive !

Hey guys I am glad you like it:)
Thanks a bunch for sharing my work on your blog Steve:)

Well, I’m always happy to add a piece of art to my collection :slight_smile: Yours as join the collection here lol :wink:

Keep up the great work :smiley:

It’s funny I just saw this building on archdaily and said to myself, that would be cool to do in ue4… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it in real life. The inside of the building is really impressive. Schultes frank architekten did really great job:)

That’s one nice looking crematory! (That’s a strange sentence isn’t it?)

It is indeed:D