Creep It Real: The Manor On Haunted Hill

Title: The Manor On Haunted Hill

link to my video: Creep It Real final render 2022 - Manor On Haunted Hill - YouTube

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
The Dark Castle by David Fesliyan - Royalty Free Music Download - for the music The Dark Castle by David fesliyan
Halloween Pumpkins / 150+ variations in Props - UE Marketplace - Halloween Pumpkins by Pack Dev
Undead Pack in Characters - UE Marketplace - Undead Pack by Lilpupinduy
Victorian House (Only Exterior) in Environments - UE Marketplace - Victorian House by ZhenyaChistovsky
Dynamic Volumetric Sky in Blueprints - UE Marketplace - Dynamic Sky by BoranOzturk

a screenshot of my project (in the editor) - Here are some screenshots of my project in the UE5 editor:

Hello, This is my submission for the Creep It Real Challenge, I wanted to go with a classic style of Haunted House, to create a creepy, but not too scary atmosphere. My story was about a Haunted Manor inhabited by otherworldly spirits and creatures where all is not as it first seems, where upon opening the gates you enter an unnerving spirit world.
Was that something moving out the corner of your eye or just a trick of the light caused by the endless thunderstorm overhead which never seems to leave this haunted place?
and I leave you with this question lingering in your mind, what was it that caused me to swerve into this ditch was it just a stray dog perhaps or something … not of this world!!!
I hope you enjoy my entry. Good luck to everyone entering.
Thank you for looking

tag: #CreepItReal CreepItReal
Engine version: Unreal Engine 5.0.1