Creep it Real / Late Night Shift by Mika Glaser

Title: Late Night Shift

Student Submission: Yes

Credits to sourced content:
Megascan: Materials & Textures
Pixabay: Sounds

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  • Story: A scientist working in his messy office is about to fall asleep when he hears a window breaking in the other room. He gets up to look what happend and finds his dead patient on the table with blood on the walls. He screams and turns around to run away. A few steps after he got out of the room he sees the back of some kind of monster and he slowly gets out the door. He runs into the Woods where the Monster waited for him…
    No Happy End :frowning:
  • I used Unreal Engine 5.0.3
  • This is my first Animation/Movie made with the Unreal Engine, i learned a lot and im happy to be Part of the CreepItReal Challenge 2022.
    Thank you to all of the Sponsers and Good Luck to everyone else!
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