Creelins completed BASE inventory system

This is 100% blueprint.

Things working:
Stacking Items
Item Split (Currently splits with a round to the lowest # being split, in the case of decimals division)
Item re-stacking
Deleting items
Can split items multiple times.

As far as my teams testing this is pretty much full proof from a concept perspective at this time and we would like to show it off for the time being.

Features to be added:
Ability to move the inventory to the place you enjoy
Right click functionality (With the means of usage, and the ability to equip items) - Not soon as we still need someone to model and fit the items to the size of our main character.
Ability for the inventory to dynamically update with inventory scaling (Feature the we might add to our game depending on how we want to introduce progression).
Item Tooltips (Next on the list of features to be added).

The video:

The team I am working with:
WISP - Working Title

Please feel free to suggest anything else we can improve.

Hakabane - Initial inventory creation: Hakabane’s Inventory
Creelin - Full build out of inventory drawing, item manipulation(Stacking, spliting, etc).

Nice work.