Credits video on exit


I want to add a credits video when you hit escape to quit the project. how do i do that?


There are a lot of ways. You’ll want to set up an input in the project to listen for the escape key, and then use that input in your game. Be sure to think about how the player quits the game though–does it exit automatically after a few seconds or do they need to hit escape again? You’ll need to build that logic into blueprints, if you’re using blueprints.

For inputs, this tutorial goes into the full controller movement stuff–more than you need, but its an example of how you build your own inputs:

I suggest looking into UMG to make the credits into an actual UI, so it’s easier to update than a video.
Also, keep in mind that you won’t be able to use play-in-editor playtesting methods, as the escape key will be bound to “go-back-to-editor-mode”. I’m not sure about the “play in editor in a popup window” modes though…I can’t remember if they override escape. Doing an actually packaged/cooked build should always be a regular test for any project though.

thanks. it worked really well :slight_smile: