Credit Card and PayPal ? no debit card ? [RESOLVED]


i was going to purchase Unreal Engine 4 for 1 month and i saw that there was not any payment option with Debit card.
I live in India and i dont have a Credit card. Is there any way i can purchase it ? i really liked this engine starting from UDK.


Your debit card should work for the credit card section. It’s standard with online purchasing in US to say only Credit, when credit and debit will both work

Thanks man :slight_smile: i will purchase UE4 soon! :smiley:

am new here and i dont know most of the forums. u mean i should edit this topics heading ? and of course, the community is very helpful :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

never mind done it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty awesome! The community here is super helpful too! Go ahead and mark the answer as resolved

You should be able to mark my answer as Accepted

Are you still getting Credit Card and PayPal error?

I am still getting the debit card error, it says that the transaction is invalid and will be refunded blah blah?
Is there any way to use debit card?