Creatures of ARK (More creatures mod) creature help

Having a bit of trouble creating a brand new creature off of Pulmonoscorpius, which I want to use as a base for Brontoscorpio.

I was wondering if anybody would be willing to use this thread (or my Skype) to guide me through the process of creating a new animal. I’m the kind of person that generally when I learn something once, I catch on immediately. Other problems I have are importing the right 3d models and getting them to work in rendering engines (IE: I plan on turning Dilophosaurus into Ceratosaurus), or importing in models (I have a friend’s Gorgosaurus I will be turning into a Teratophoneus). I’d love to learn how to do this and give people unique animals to better enhance their gameplay.

Thanks for any assistance, and sorry if I sound annoying or something, it’s just I’m trying to grasp the whole scenario of this all…