Creature3D Alpha: Procedural 3D Character Animation Tool for UE4

This post is for the launch of Creature3D ALPHA ! :slight_smile: This brings the power of Creature’s Procedural Animation technology into the world of 3D.
The ALPHA trial will be completely FREE ( all features unlocked for the duration of the ALPHA trial ):

You can check out Creature3D here:


  • Import OBJ, GLTF or FBX, Export to GLTF or FBX
  • Rig your characters with either Manual Brush Weight Painting or Auto Weighting
  • Animate with manual Keyframes, manipulate Animation Knots + Splines
  • Harness the power of Procedural motors to easily animate Walk Cycles, secondary motion, tails etc. automatically

ALPHA version that is currently launched is 100% Free.

Video Tutorials on how to rig + animate + export your characters will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


Basic Rigging Tutorial:

Basic Animation Tutorial:

Simple Elephant Animation Case Study:

Animation Samples are now uploaded at:

Next upcoming Free Alpha Release will have improved Rigging ( Weight Painting via GPU acceleration ) performance and bug fixes ( of course )



Latest update video:

Some exciting updates to the new Creature3D Alpha: Custom Rig Templates ( Human, Quadruped, Flyer or Custom ), GPU Accelerated Manual Weight Painting, Manip Widgets for Auto-Weight Shapes and a new High Performance Multicore Animation Engine for the latest Intel + AMD CPUs.