Creature and Human Grunts and Growls Pack 2015

Includes 560 Samples

Samples fit well for Medieval/Fantasy themes, Zombie/Survival games, or when you need creature or human grunts and growls.

Most of these sounds are based on public domain material. However, all sounds are processed (volume, cutting, editing, bass, treble, arrangements etc). Samples are released royalty free, and if the pack is accepted for the Unreal Market Place, under those rights.



Cat (7 Sample)

Crow (6 Sample)

Demon (3 Sample)

Dinosaurs (10 Sample)

Dogs (46 Sample)

Dragon (14 Sample)

Dwarf (8 Sample)

Frog (2 Sample)

Ghosts (11 Sample)

Golem (19 Sample)

Gremlin (6 Sample)

Human Female (35 Sample)

Human Male (216 Sample)

Lion (3 Sample)

Lyrebird (47 Sample)

Monster (51 Sample)

Pig (13 Sample)

Ram (3 Sample)

Snake (1 Sample)

Werewolf (15 Sample)

Zombies (44 Sample)