Creature 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation System Plugin

Hello all,

I have just submitted the Creature 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation System Plugin to the Marketplace. :slight_smile:


The project contains the Creature 2D Skeletal Animation Tool’s plugin for UE4. It has a user controllable Fire Breathing Dragon as an example of how to use the plugin. The dragon character is authored using Creature’s powerful assortment of Procedural Animation Motors. The normal and ambient occlusion maps are generated using Creature’s add-on Sprite Bump Tool. All plugin functions to control, switch and manipulate animation states/information are exposed in the Blueprints system. The dragon character has gameplay logic that runs entirely off Blueprints and the Creature Animation plugin.

Plugin Trailer:

Creature website:

Creature Trailer:

Plugin Documentation:

Our aim is to make it easy and fun to author high quality 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animations in UE4.


Hello all,

I have added a Video Playlist for the tutorials here:


looks awesome!

The Dragon looks 3D but is really a 2D Skeletal Animation with Normal and Ambient Occlusion Maps applied to it.


Really hope this hits the marketplace soon. This is needed badly

Thanks! Here is another video of what Creature can do in Unreal Engine:


Thank you so much. It helps A LOT.

Hello all,

You can grab the plugin in the meantime from the Github Repo:

I have a new demo up called “Dinosaur Parade”. This shows 200+ Creature Characters in realtime running with the Creature UE4 Plugin.

View the video here:


it looks forgotten for ue now?