Creator of Dragonball unreal /blueprint expert looking for work "need cash :/"

Hey everybody, Im getting realllll low on cash so I thought this would be a good place to start, Im very good at blueprints programming along with a few other things, here the game I have been developing if you want to see what i can do :slight_smile: “im looking for jobs of 50$ and higher” email me here =

Hi emirh2010. DBZ looks really good. What is your experience with UE4 Blueprints Networking and UMG?

I have good experience with both but we wont know how good until we try something that you are looking for haha

Hi emirh2010,

Thanks for your Response. I’m developing several in-game multiplayer editing applications for my Dungeon Crawler and beyond. I have several Quick Contracts available. Quick Contract #4: Multiplayer World & Entity Construction Framework (MEC), has the highest priority. Similar Applications HeroEngine and Scene Fusion.

The Framework will provide the foundation for collaborative Level and Entity building, leveraging UnrealEngine’s 4 Networking, AI, VR support, Gamepad/Controllers and other capabilities in real-time. As a in-game application, its feature set can be selectively expose to Players for Character Creation, Fort Building, Vehicle Customization, and more.

MEC Frame will require UE4 Blueprints using Network replication and UMG (GUI Front-end) to Spawn Actors/Components/Asset Objects, User/Group Control Assignment, Attach Components, Orientate Actor/Asset Object, Apply and modify Material parameters to Mesh Objects, Save/Load. I can assist in the blueprints development process. Lets discuss further details on discord.

BUMPPP, I am in desperate need for work, will work for $15 USD a hour “very cheap” here is some of the work I do emudshit - YouTube

Please contact me on my email :

hello friend … is available if you have skype or discord write me