Creative Innovation Agency - Relocation to Singapore provided

Hey guys,

Putting up a new post as things have changed a bit.

Iris Singapore are looking to bolster our VR development capabilities as we have several large scale projects on the go for the remainder of the year including some room scale HTC Vive experiences with 4D elements, Google Cardboard/ daydream application (for consumer release in the next month, currently in optimization phase) along with several other exciting projects.

We are not a game development company, we are an advertising agency. But we are not your usual agency. Have a look at our website to see the sort of work we do.

For majority of these projects you will not be constrained by the usual game development requirements. We usually work with events based experiences so we are able to do completely unique, on off designs using physical props, custom designed hardware or top end hardware such as motion capture rigs, moving platforms etc.

We are currently looking to fill 2 roles.

A 3D and animation/ design specialist in Unreal who can do particle effects, animation, skeletal animation, materials and assist with 3D modelling.

A generalist. Somebody who can get in to the above a bit but can do more with level design/ layout, blueprint scripting and/or C++ programming.

We do other work outside of Virtual Reality so if you can also do web development, arduino, rapsberry pi or anything else that will definitely come in handy.

I keep the tech supply fully up to date here and we are currently stocked with

4* HTC Vives
3* 3D printers
2* Microsoft HoloLens developer kits (the only ones in Singapore)
Full body motion capture suit
Range of image capture technology including Kinect v2, Realsense, Project Tango, Leap motion, Structure Sensor and others

We will handle relocation and visa costs for Singapore, as this is a full time role and on site is required. We are unable to work with off-site workers due to the nature of the work, and team work works much better when you can tap the guy on the shoulder next to you and chat.

For those who don’t know much about Singapore it’s a great place to live. Is 1 of the safest countries in the world, has one of the lowest tax rates in the world, has amazing food and is incredibly cheap to travel around other parts of Asia. I am out most weekends overseas.

To find out more send a resume/LinkedIn and/or folio through to


Ooow. Those are something to keep myself stay at office for whole week.

it has been only 2 years for ue4. So getting a generalist will be hard for you. If you are on hurry , then do a search on forum for known generalists.
For now I can remember 2 of them.
Michael aller and rama.

Hi ZoltanJr!

Looks very interesting! I’m a generalist developer in Unreal, Unity and Source Engine for years (mostly Technical Artist and C++/C#/Blueprint Developer), I would love to try to develop projects in VR. Please check out my portfolio at I’ll send you my CV through e-mail as well.

Thank you and have a great day!

Shameless self bump :slight_smile: Starting interviews next week and kicking off a large 4D HTC Vive event development the following week. Get to work with Vive, Unreal, Arduino, 3D projection mapping and mixed reality. Will be a world first for a few different things so pretty exciting to work on. I am off in Fiji to start the filming next week so looking to dive straight into development after that.

hi ZoltarJr, this looks very cool, i send you my resume and my portfolios to your mail!

Best Regards!