Creation real world for old shader ps 1

What method creation level have I use for old shader ps1 ? I use blender too. I make landscape with satelite texture. How is the best way make this place ?

How I have to continue ?

Hey there @PeterBocian! So if you were trying to do say PS1 graphics, many of them were just images on simple 3D shapes. ie buildings were cubes with images of building with little preprocessing done to them. Most of the time, to get that look it’s best to handle the assets by hand as there aren’t many tools for PS1 style generation from map data, but I have a couple of possible resources that might help you out. Some of them not super useful but shows you how others do it. However I do still recommend making the assets by hand.

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Good asset rules for PS1 style:

How to import a 3D map with depth (incredibly low res):

Generally how the building should look in a low poly style:

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