Creation of Games similar to "Her Story"

Hello, I wanted to create an interaction-based game like Her Story in where it works as more of an engine instead of full-fledged gameplay with real-life actor clips and the database. I have been studying a lot of the 3D aspects of unreal engines because in a year or so I want to try to develop a 3D-based game even on a small scale. But I first wanted to start with something simpler and engine-based.

What would be the best steps to take on Unreal to create more of an engine-based game like “Her Story” as opposed to a 3D modeled full-fledged one? I tried researching the interwebs but unfortunately, few people have asked related questions. Thanks!

The forums are quiet, but UE devs are always busy (UE is a monster). So overall, you’ve a better chance of getting a useful reply if you make devs on here do less work.:stuck_out_tongue: So here’s a suggestion… Attach a link to a YouTube gameplay link for the game mentioned above, along with a YT time stamp if its longer than 2-5 mins.:wink:

I agree with you. “Help us help you”.