Creation of background mountains in World Machine

Hi there,

as the title already says I want to make some realistic background mountains for use in Unreal, which I intend to sell on the marketplace once they are good enough. I use World Machine Standard for this purpose. There is a lot of documentation on how to properly get a WM heightmap working in UE4, but I couldn’t find anything of big help about the export/import of a static mesh, which is the thing to go for when making stuff for the background. My main question is how to get the desired resolution in WM’s mesh output. It has two mesh types, “Regular Mesh Triangulation” and “Simple Mesh Reduction”. I know that the latter is ■■■■ because it just takes away geometry, for the first one however, the kTri count is greyed out and the polycount thus way too high after importing into UE4. Any advice on how that works? Or is the workflow World Machine -> Unreal Engine not sufficient and I need an additional modeling application for that? If so, I only have Blender so far, don’t know if that is of any importance. I include a picture for a bit of clarification.