Creation of a detailed tutorial on saving from UE4 BP to a MySQL database

This is a sort of different request. I am looking for someone very experienced with Blueprints, PHP, and MySQL to a create detailed video tutorial, written tutorial with screenshots, or live 1on1 session, on saving from UE4 BP to a MySQL database. This will be for my own personal use. In the past I have just hired people to do work for me but I am interested in learning. Payment will be hourly. Your hourly rate is negotiable.

I have not been able to find a thorough and step by step tutorial for my specific circumstance.

A work contract is acceptable, but because no assets will be changing hands if you don’t want to use a contract that is perfectly fine with me. Although for your ease of mind I would recommend one.

You can contact me via PM, by replying to this post, or by emailing me at

MySQL have a C++ connector that can be converted to a Unreal plugin; which means you can skip the PHP and http part of things sending data directly from a UE4 Dedicated Server to MySQL database.
However, MySQL license is incompatible with UE4 license, and that may cost you around $3000 per MySQL license per server if you use it. To get that license you’ll have to contact Oracle.
To avoid that financial issue for a team I switched a project over to MS Server instead, using SQLite as a transport layer (cache server) compiled as a plugin to the UE4 Dedicated Server; then built a .NET C# server program that can compare time stamps from several UE4 Servers and upload the latest data change to the MS Server’s database.
For me that solution was much more flexible, more performant than using PHP, and using C# to code the backend server to update the database is a piece of cake when compared to UE4’s C++ or and much faster than making custom Blueprint nodes to deal with the database :slight_smile:

Btw, good luck finding your tutorial guy.

[USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] Thankyou for the info, I will think about this when I will get to that part, still a long way until then.

Just use MariaDB, it’s a mySQL fork that has a license which is not total BS.

Here’s the deal with this guy. I made a tutorial for him and he stopped replying to emails as soon as he got it.

After a few emails and 10 days he got back to me saying “Sorry, what is it that you are requesting money for? Please remind me cause I forgot. Sorry”

Ok) I reminded him and his next reply was that, sorry, but he is “ON BUSINESS IN JAPAN” LOL

On the coding side though, how he can’t understand the most basic of logic is unbelievable. Him trying to copy some code and then rename a variable is something you don’t see every day.

Here’s a function I wrote

Here’s what he did
Then he told me that for the love of god he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his code…

I did pay you.

If payment did not reach you please email me the transaction ID which failed. If you did not receive any transaction at all then I will contact Paypal on your behalf and have them investigate what went wrong. On my side it seems the transaction was successful. If you believe the amount is wrong please send me an email with the amount you believe you are owed. I am still in Japan, and have limited access to a computer but I will try to make things right if there has been some issue.


maybe bcz he doesn’t know programming. that’s why.
as a paid tutorial maker you should have asked him first if he knows coding or not.

How is he going to contact Paypal on my behalf??? lol
He never paid me.
And this is his enterprise

I saw they tutorial on YouTube. Could never get it to work ;(.

Pretty sure MySQL is free to use commercially: