Creation date

So… i started working on a project in 2016(?) with very small intentions. Just wanted something super practical. But! Would you believe that I’m still working on this little project 3+ years later in 2019!?

I can’t even remember when i started working on it exactly. And since i usually update the engine version to the latest & delete the old version projects since they are outdated… How am i supposed to know when exactly i started working on each project? So this is where this feature request comes from.

So the request is very simple. Just add a text anywhere that displays the creation date of the project, and does not get reset every time you update to a new version.* (but perhaps we should be able to modify it ?)*

Ofc… you could simply create a new text document somewhere and save the date of the projects you create… But who would ever do that? And do you honestly think that when someone’s about to create a new project they’ll be thinking about the date? They would only care about the date years later.



Just find the first commit/changelist in your version control and that’s when you started… you are using it, right?

no idea what you’re talking about [SUP]?[/SUP]

I don’t have a clue about what version control is… am i missing sth ?

I feel like a complete noob rn.

Google didn’t help… explain pls ?

Here you go.


No, I’m not… And I’d imagine most people don’t either… And most certainly wouldn’t use it on every project i work on. And even if i did… that is no solution as i could begin using it even months after project’s creation date.
So pretty sure someone should create a pull request for the creation date… Bcs lets be honest… it makes no sense for such a basic info to be missing

Every serious project uses it from the beginning…

? Every serious project? You don’t even need to use it. Personally never needed it… hence to why i didn’t even know it was there. :o (well i heard about it many times, but never bothered)

I begun UE4 in 2015 and about a year later… i started working on said project… I begun working on this project as a complete noob. I didn’t have any high expectations. And most certainly did not think of it as serious. It became serious years later as my experience grew, and it with it.

You talk about it as if I’m supposed to work in a way that i share my projects with other people or so? :stuck_out_tongue:

What you say makes no sense! ***:confused: ***and is irrelevant to this post. (it really is)

You think that just because you always use source control [FONT=lucida sans unicode]to your very serious projects, that everybody else does too ??

It doesn’t even have anything todo with “serious” projects… Its all about whether you’re working with a team.

Will someone create a pull request!? :stuck_out_tongue:

If not, why not?